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Unafraid and Unashamed

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The Good Folks of
Lennox Valley

by Kevin Slimp

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    Diane had been on pins and needles for weeks, wondering who the new pastor would be. Like everyone else at the Methodist Church, she hoped for a powerful orator, with a strong singing voice and, if the Lord felt especially gracious, a wife who played piano.  Wives who played piano were very popular in small town congregations.

   Diane envisioned a tall, handsome minister, probably in his early 40s, although most pastors at Lennox Valley Methodist Church were either fresh out of seminary or nearing retirement. His sermons would last 15 minutes, no more. Yet those 15 minutes would stir the hearts of parishioners and fill the pews with new converts.

    “The Reverend Sarah Hyden-Smith is being appointed to Lennox Valley,” Reverend Whedbee uttered, then continued, “and her first Sunday will be June 14.”

    The district superintendent mentioned that Diane’s committee should start making plans to welcome the new pastor.

    “Perhaps a potluck meal after her first service,” he suggested tacitly. “Some music might be nice. Maybe someone could play piano,” he added.

    Diane wisely held back from responding with her first instinct, “I’m guessing the new pastor’s wife doesn’t play piano.”

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The Good Folks of Lennox Valley

by Kevin Slimp


Coming June 1, 2017


The childhood home of Kevin Slimp was filled
with characters of all kinds. From Raymond
Cooper, owner of the town's only radio station,
to Sarah Hyden-Smith, the first female
preacher, there never seemed to be a dull
moment in "The Valley."


Things get even more interesting when Raymond Cooper decides to
utilize his radio fame to propel him into the most powerful seat in
town . . . mayor. Fortunately for the good folks of The Valley, Iris Long,
editor of The Hometown News is keeping a close eye on Cooper.


The story of The Good Folks of Lennox Valley has been followed by millions of readers since 2015. Enjoy the first book from this beloved weekly serial found in hundreds of newspapers across America.

About the Author


Kevin Slimp's work can be found in journals, magazines and newspapers throughout the world. His columns related to journalism are read by publishers, editors and journalists on four continents.

Kevin's fictional syndicated column, The Good Folks of Lennox Valley is carried by 200 newspapers across America each week.

He's also kind of a big deal to technology professionals since developing the method used in most printing today back in the 1990s.

See what readers are saying about The Good Folks of Lennox Valley!